The Solar Eclipse Marathon 2012

June 1 2016

Eclipse of the Sun   A total solar eclipse is a phenomenon that occurs early in the waxing phase of the Moon, when it is between the Earth and the Sun. During this phase, the Moon will cover the light of the Sun, casting a shadow on the part of the Earth’s surface. On the […]


KMD 4:18:4 2012

May 25 2016

Short distance triathlon   For many years, the KMD Challenge Copenhagen has been Denmark’s biggest triathlon event. In 2013, it was given the blue stamp of approval and its name was changed to KMD Ironman Copenhagen. In 2012, I took part in the short distance, the 4:18:4, which stands for 400 metres swimming, 18 kilometres […]


The Great Wall Marathon 2012

May 17 2016

Strong conviction   It was with entirely different convictions than a year earlier that I signed up for The Great Wall Marathon 2012. After a year with a heel injury and the fear of having to drop out, I was now free of injuries, well-trained and several kilos lighter.   With Karin again   Because […]


Thomas Thomsen’s 75th birthday

May 11 2016

Karin and I received an invitation in the autumn of 2011. Thomas Thomsen would be 75 years old on 2nd January, and this was to be celebrated with a reception and brunch in Hvidovre, a suburb of Copenhagen, the following Saturday. My first thoughts were about what I should give Thomas. The present we had […]


Roskilde TRI

May 4 2016

Information meeting   In October 2011, I followed Morten Fenger’s recommendation and turned up at an information meeting at Roskilde TRI. The club has existed since the late 1980s and was quite small, although, like sport in general, it was growing. At that time, it had around 35 members.   Not enough swimming pools   […]

Morten Fenger

Morten Fenger

April 27 2016

A new client   Shortly after returning from China, I got a new business client. At the end of August, she asked me to attend an accounts meeting, where her boyfriend would also be coming along. The meeting was to be held at her boyfriend’s house which lay less than a kilometre and a half […]


Huge weight loss

April 20 2016

Meeting at the bank   The 42 kilometres I had run in China hadn’t aggravated my injury. I had expected things would get worse and had calculated with this as an unavoidable cost. The tenderness still persisted after I got home, however, and I was most frustrated and upset that there didn’t seem to be […]


The Great Wall Marathon 2011

April 13 2016

Meeting Jamie again   As had eventually become a tradition, I travelled to China on the Tuesday before the marathon, arriving in Beijing on the morning of Wednesday 18th May. As I came out of customs, I immediately caught sight of Jamie, who was standing there photographing me, and we took a taxi together to […]


Long-term injury

April 6 2016

Tender heel   I didn’t run for the first few weeks after I got home from Amsterdam. I was exhausted and groggy and in need of restitution. After a couple of weeks, I noticed that my right heel was tender. To begin with it only hurt when I got up in the morning and walked […]

Olympic Stadium start TCS Amsterdam Marathon01

Amsterdam Marathon 2010

March 30 2016

Reunited with China acquaintances   In both 2009 and 2010, I was in China in the same group as Michael, and in 2010, we were together with John. He is the runner who lost a lot of weight I wrote an article about. The two of them were going to run the Amsterdam Marathon on […]