Hæl i uheld #17

Heel problems #17

July 6 2021

Runningshoes   In the process, my wife, Karin, made me aware that I was walking crookedly on my left foot. Quite right, the shoes were immediately replaced with some new ones I had lying around. To be prepared, I had to order new shoes immediately. I have a wide foot and must have a size […]

Hæl i uheld #16

Heel problems #16

July 5 2021

Everything had to be tried   It was not only medical science that was consulted in the effort to get me over the injury. I went to a consultation with my physiotherapist. He also found tendonitis as likely. I was treated and instructed in a rehabilitation program. In the ensuing time, I was with several […]

Hæl i uheld #15

Heel problems #15

July 4 2021

Now it was time to act   In the sad situation, I was not sorry that the trip to the Icefjord Midnight Marathon in Greenland was canceled. At the same time, there was a strong fear that I might not be ready for the other two marathons of the year. A good two months to […]

Hæl i uheld #14

Heel problems #14

July 3 2021

The marathons that disappeared   I competed in the Peoples Parken Marathon with a naive hope of completing. It hurt my heel at every step, but I was faster than the year before. A weight loss of 25 kilos could be felt in the positive way. I was actually reasonably confident until I had run […]

Hæl i uheld #13

Heel problems #13

July 2 2021

Oh no   Just as everything looked positive, things went wrong. I woke up Sunday morning May 9th and had pain under my left heel. It was the same foot that had been operated on two months earlier, but now it was under the foot and therefore not at the wound.   It really hurt […]

Hæl i uheld #12 engelsk

Heel problems #12

July 1 2021

In good training   Five weeks after the operation, I was able to lace up my running shoes again. The first trip was a little hard, perhaps most psychologically. It was therefore only quite short. Already two days later it went forward.   It was great again to get started running and it went fast […]

Hæl i uheld #11

Heel problems #11

June 30 2021

From good training to brak   Despite the sore heel, I was in reasonably good running training, just as I was very active in the physiotherapist training center. However, it was useless to believe that the heel was healed by itself. I had to get under the knife.   The operation went well. I was […]

Hæl i uheld #10

Heel problems #10

June 29 2021

Back to the heel problem   The soreness in my heel continued for the rest of 2020 and into the ensuing year. A piece the size of a big coin on the side of the heel was hard. Especially in the center of the area it was extra hard.I did not go to the doctor. […]

Hæl i uheld #9

Heel problems #9

June 28 2021

The truth came out   Whether I wanted to or not, I had to go on the bathroom scale. My worst suspicions were surpassed. I weighed 113.4 kg. I made the decision immediately. I was going to lose weight. The date was November 15, 2020.   Christmas month on a diet   It seems almost […]

Hæl i uheld #8

Heel problems #8

June 27 2021

Another heel problem   In October 2020, I suddenly got soreness in my left heel. It was not on the tread itself, but on the inside of the heel. I tried to run away from me for a while and hoped it would pass, but it did not happen, I then found that I could […]