World’s Fastest Marathon

October 8 2022

The provisional seventh marathon of the year was achieved today with the completion of the World’s Fastest Marathon ending in Granada, Spain.

With the race, I have the “plate” full of completion of all Adventure Marathon’s races. In 23 years, it has become 37 running trips, including 36 marathon trips and one adventure running trip. During the travels, I have completed 34 marathons and dropped out of two. Both were in South Africa that were completed in the third attempt. The travels with 14 different destinations have brought me to 14 countries on 5 continents.
An anniversary can be marked on this trip. This is my 40th trip with Albatros Travel spread over 16 countries in 27 years. Thus, there have been three holidays where the running gear stayed at home.I look forward to more experiences in the coming years.


Henrik Finish.JPG