8 Continent Club

Now it’s official, first member of The Official 8 Continents Marathon Club.

November 13 2017

On February 17, 2017, “The Official 7 Continents Marathon Club” acknowledged Zelandia as the 8th continent of the world and thus established “The Official 8 Continent Marathon Club. On July 15, 2017, I ran the “WUU-2K Wellington Marathon” and became the first member of The Official 8 Continent Marathon Club. http://www.official8continentsmarathonclub.com/member_list/finisher_list


In retrospect and visions of the future

August 3 2016

My marathons in general – and The Great Wall Marathon in particular – have been an important part of my life. My regular training sessions, my acquisition of new equipment, all the sports-related items on my birthday wish lists and, not least, my travels to the corners of the earth to run marathons continue to […]


Bagan Temple Marathon 2013

July 27 2016

Doubtful participant   This, the ninth of Adventure Marathon destinations, was the first about which I had my doubts. The run was announced in the autumn of 2012 before we ran the Solar Eclipse Marathon. This meant that there were two new marathons in the offing rather than just one.   My doubts were due […]

Pacemaker 1

Mr Great Wall – now with a pacemaker

July 20 2016

We can create training schedules and go on a diet and steer our lives as best we can towards the goals we have set ourselves. We cannot, however, always safeguard ourselves against the unexpected. One such unexpected factor is the state of our health. Change can come like a bolt from the blue when we […]

Penisfutteraler i Papua

Duck no. 77

July 13 2016

A different kind of school project   Sometime during the evening of 19th February 2013, Karin and I sat watching television. On the local station, TV2 Lorry, they had a peculiar story about some yellow plastic bath ducks.   Five girls from grade 8 and 9 at the independent school in Vester Skerninge on South […]


The Great Wall Marathon 2013

June 29 2016

Busy run-up   I set off for the 14th edition of my own special marathon with a hunch that things were going to go well, although not with the same level of conviction as the year before. Some of the kilos, I had lost had found their way back again, and I had been particularly […]


The jealousy and pettiness of marathon organisers

June 22 2016

Having completed marathons on all seven continents, it was only natural for me to seek membership of the club for runners with the same accomplishment on their CVs. To my amazement, I ascertained that there were two clubs of that kind and that both clubs had two Danish members, although there were four different runners. […]

Antarctica 023

Punta Arenas Marathon and White Continent Marathon 2013

June 15 2016

Another trip with Elisabeth   The last two weeks of February 2013 were truly some of the most dramatic in my life, and I experienced the entire register of emotions.   The seed that had been sown one warm November day the previous year had germinated and grown into two marathons in a week. Not […]