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Injury break at Christmas

December 18 2022

Today I should have run the 10th marathon of the year. I have not previously run a double-digit number of marathons in a calendar year. It wasn’t supposed to be like that. I must leave 2022 with nine pieces in the “belt”, which is a tangent to 2003. Maybe I have tightened the “bow” at […]


Advent Marathon

November 27 2022

From New York to Kalundborg is a difference. It does not change the fact that a marathon is 42.195 k wherever in the world it is run. Today I ran the Advent Marathon in Kalundborg, a well-organized race where we went through woods and roads. Not least the eight stretches along the coast in fresh […]

Logo New York City Marathon

New York City Marathon

November 7 2022

If you snooze you lose. My son, Steffen wake me up from snoozing and I immediately woke up. I had never dreamed of the New York City Marathon, but Steffen’s joining as an employee in the sports travel industry gave me an unexpected opportunity. Such an opportunity would not come again, so I had no […]

Elevation Profile

World’s Fastest Marathon

October 8 2022

The provisional seventh marathon of the year was achieved today with the completion of the World’s Fastest Marathon ending in Granada, Spain.   With the race, I have the “plate” full of completion of all Adventure Marathon’s races. In 23 years, it has become 37 running trips, including 36 marathon trips and one adventure running […]


Grønboløber marathon

September 10 2022

Today I ran the sixth marathon of the year in the most beautiful Danish autumn weather. Not only was the weather beautiful. The Grønbro Run at Sandved in south-western Zealand was held in beautiful forest and rural surroundings. STIF, which organized the race, offered a lavish supply depot, where absolutely nothing was missing.  

Medalje Tosse

Crazy Runners Cannonball Marathon

August 16 2022

Today I completed my fifth marathon this year. “Crazy Runners Cannonball Marathon” is probably telling for the participants. The race takes place every Tuesday. Several people participate each time and then also take one at the weekend. You probably must be a little crazy to be a marathon runner. The race took place in warm […]


The Big Five Marathon 2022

June 18 2022

June 18, 2022, became a historic day for me. The third time was the time of happiness, the hour of vengeance had come. 17 years of cursing was broken. I completed The Big Five Marathon in Entabeni South Africa. This not less than 51 minutes before the cut off time. I felt absolutely nothing to […]


Icefjord Midnight Marathon

May 29 2022

Last night I completed this year’s preliminary third marathon. In Santa’s own country where the sun does not set in the summer, I ran the “Icefjord Midnight Marathon”. Snow, cold, water and rocks made it another extreme run. It was another good experience that gives memories for life. I am now looking forward to tonight’s […]

Vegan run

Vegan Run Marathon

March 21 2022

After several days of severe diarrhea that persists yet, I completed the second marathon of the year on Sunday. It was “Vegan Run” in Kalundborg. One does not have to be vegan to participate. Maybe it would have been a benefit to my stomach if I had been. he next race will be in Greenland. […]


Letting Run’s birthday run

January 29 2022

As a prelude to hurricane “Malik”, the marathon year kicked off today with Letting Run’s birthday run in Frederikssund. It was raining and windy, but still gentle. I expect 2022 to be a good year on the classic distance.