The author

Henrik Brandt


Henrik Brandt was born in 1959 and his lived in Roskilde all his life. After passing his lower secondary leaving exam in 1976, Henrik served in the Royal Danish Air Force for seven years in the Air Defence Group. After a few years as a missile operator he joined the administration staff.


In civilian business he has worked in accounting and administration. In 1987, Henrik Brandt set up a company dealing mainly with bookkeeping, value added tax calculations, wages, annual accounts and tax returns. The job was a sideline for 20 years but since 2007 it has been his full-time occupation. During the period 2003-2007, Henrik Brandt also took a number of qualifications in personal development, conversational theory and coaching.


”If you can dream it, you can do it” is Henrik Brandt’s first book, but over the years he has had numerous articles published. Brandt has contributed since 2008 to the Christmas magazine Jul i Roskilde”. Brandt has edited the website of Roskilde and District Bird Shooting Club – Roskilde og Omegns Fugleskydningsselskab, – – also since 2008.



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