The Big Five Marathon 2021

November 14 2021

After heel injury and problems in Zurich with coronate test, it was Saturday, November 13, 2021, after 16 years time to take revenge with “The Big Five Marathon”, where I retired in 2005.


The Big Five Marathon is extremely tough. At the same time, November is summer in South Africa, so it was 35 degrees on the day. It was really hot. Since there are only seven hours available at the same time compared to eight hours in China, you have to fight to get through within the time limit.
I struggled and did everything right. I got plenty of fluids and did nothing I can subsequently resent.


When I had crossed the worst stretch, there were 13 kilometers left. I had barely two hours to clear the stretch. It sounds simple, but was not in the situation. I thought I could alternately run and walk 250 meters. The reality was different. I struggled until I literally signed. After 34 kilometers I was lying on the gravel path and was completely gone until another runner came who could call for assistance. In open jeep, I received drop as I was driven to the finish area’s small hospital. Here I was finished and discharged.
I received a medal for completing the half marathon. I love it and proud of it. I dedicate it to Carlo, my grandson who came into the world Thursday night while I was here. There is something that is much more important than running.


The next day I was fine. It both in the heel and other limbs. What happened during the race alone was exhaustion.


I am not bitter, but clarified with the situation. I have not regretted the journey, but am actually fine with the experiment and what came out of it.


I’m not really smart. I’m considering a third attempt because I’m still thirsty for revenge on South Africa. I am thinking of planning to go down here again in 2023. Here the race should be at the normal deadline in June. At that time it is a lot cooler. This year, the race was postponed to November due to corona.