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Brandt, Henrik: : If you can dream it, you can do it : from sofa athlete to ”Mr Great Wall” and maraton runner on the seven continents / author: Henrik Brandt: editor: Dorthe Klyvø; miscellaneous Kurt Buchtrup. – Keep Moving.
480 pages. – DK 79.61


For use/audience/level
Will attract the sports enthusiasts who may themselves for harsh sports challenges, those who looking for inspiration for personal development and biography reader.


Henrik Brandt (born 1959) is the author and has skills in coaching and personal development. And he is especially dedicated marathon runner. And it is not an ordinary one at that. He was later given the nickname “Mr. Great Wall” with deserved pride, as he simply is the only one in the world who has run and completed the marathon” The Great Wall Marathon, every time since the first race in 1999. In his foreword Henrik Brandt writes: ”Some 15 years ago, I was convinced that I couldn’t run. Today I know that I am “Mr Great Wall”. There is a world of difference between these two states of mind, believe me”. The book follows a chronological biographical both the personal life and explores the background to the personal motivation behind the grueling ultimate sports challenges. There are also personal descriptions and experiences from many other marathons around the world, as the subtitle says it ”seven continents”. The text is accompanied the many kilometers with a lot of photos.


Comparable to other books about ultimate sporting challenges such as The Marathon woman: 366 marathons in 365 days or Extreme Runners: wild adventure in the jungle, mountains and desert written by Jacob Juul Hastrup.


Overall conclusion
Motivational marathon runner biography with readers in many libraries.


Carsten Güllich-Nørby