Peoples Parks Marathon – Together Separated

May 17 2020

May 16th 2020, Peoples Parks Marathon – Together Separated was run. After a last-minute cancellation, five marathon runners and four half-marathon runners got up to start. During the day we had nice support from spectators who closely followed the applicable distance rules.

In the morning rain Henrik Brandt welcomed everyone, followed by Minister of Culture Joy Mogensen, who as always, with well-chosen words, wished the runners a good day. After that the rain was over.
The whole race in through was all in high spirits and it all went really well. Everyone came through with no banter. At the finish line were awarded medals and a really good goodie bag with great sponsored gifts. Diplomas was subsequently be awarded to each runner.
I thank everyone who in every way supported this race, which was a tribute to The Great Wall Marathon, which should the same day be run with me as a participant.
Despite a great success, it is not my hope that the race will not be repeated. On the third Saturday in May, I would like to be in China for as long as my legs can drag me through a marathon.


Diploma can be downloaded by clicking on the finish time. Page 2 of the document shows the runner’s lap times.



  1. Henrik Elsing Andersen 3:56:07
  2. Vibeke Strube 4:20:19
  3. Lars Magnussen 4:21:51
  4. Lars Brøgger 4:50:27
  5. Henrik Brandt 6:12:12

Marathon cancellation:

  • Per Hviid


  1. Rune Nortoft 1:35:03
  2. Claus Carlsen 1:49:04
  3. Katrine Torndyb 1:57:13
  4. Karin Haagen Smidt 2:28:26

Hear Minister of Culture Joy Mogensen and Henrik Brandt’s welcome speech at Peoples Parks Marathon – Together Separated here.
Recording is made by Jan Marott Behrens.


Pictures for Peoples Park Marathon – Together Separated can be be found on the Danis website. Click here.