Heel problems #18

July 7 2021

Light in the tunnel


The time had now come to about midsummer and everything started to look bright. I had done everything in my power to get over the injury. It went the right way. I felt virtually no soreness, but continued to take care of myself. Treatments and training programs were followed. I could do my full workout in physiotherapist centers, but refrained from running. On the other hand, I was able to walk briskly on the treadmill. Much was done to get here. What had worked was not known. It can be a combination of several things. The reason for improvements was now also less significant. The most important thing was the result.


Optimism flourished. At the same time, the corona pandemic was subsiding and I was vaccinated at the same time. I had come through the busiest accounting period of the year, and could enjoy the good weather in the Danish midsummer. Karin and I went on a relaxing inn stay, which we combined with a good concert and and in the near future scenic bike rides on mountain bikes, respectively.


At the time of writing, July 7, 2021, everything looks amazing. A few weeks ago I was ready to “sell” the Iceland Volcano Marathon. I had three versions of what could happen:


  • Plan A – run the full marathon.
  • Plan B – go a half marathon with Karin and enjoy the experience.
  • Plan C – be a spectator to the race and have a good holiday.

In return, both Plan A and Plan Z for The Great Wall Marathon have always been to complete the full marathon.


I have just finished my course with the acupuncturist, just as the same has happened with the physiotherapy treatment today. I have also been able to put off home training and ointments. In a week and a half, I have stepped up from nothing to now 15 kilometers of running interval. I do not feel that I have been lying still for almost two months.

I am now in a fairly normal training course and will now stick to Plan A in Iceland in 17 days.


Life is Beautiful. But sometimes it has to be fought for.


Hæl i uheld #18